I provide psychotherapy to families, individuals, children and adolescents. Trained as a clinical social worker, I have worked with people in public settings as well as my private practice. I have conducted my private practice of psychotherapy since 1986. During this period I have had to the opportunity to work with people of many ages, from diverse backgrounds presenting with a variety of psychological, behavioral and emotional needs. I have been honored to be invited into my clients' lives.

My approach to this work is collaborative and relational. I believe that learning, healing and growth occur within the context of a relationship. To that end, I will attempt to develop an empathic, growth promoting relationship with my clients as well as facilitate their growth enhancing relationships with others. Together, I and my clients identify the most pressing issues, determine appropriate goals for our work and work to sort through the multitude of influences that are the source of personal dissatisfaction and pain. My role(s) with individuals and families is determined by the needs/issues identified.

Depending upon the issue I may serve as . . .

Consultant—providing an assessment and recommendations to be carried out by the family
and/or individual.

Advocate—providing an assessment and working with the school to provide in school services based on a youth's individual emotional needs/behavioral needs

Psychotherapist—Providing an assessment and treatment for an individual, youth or family who struggle with uncomfortable symptoms or subjective distress.

Areas of Specialty

Child and Family Relationships: I am particularly interested in the problems that confront children and their parents. Throughout my career I have worked in various settings that attend to the needs of children and families: pediatric practices; Child Guidance Clinics; Family Service Agencies. I assume a family centered approach to these issues in which I develop a partnership with the parents to facilitate their effective parenting and understanding of the 'unique' needs of the identified child/ adolescent client. Family sessions are likely to be at least a component if not the major modality of our work together. With the individual youth, I attempt to develop a trusting, private relationship that allows the child to express feelings, problem solve and incorporate strategies into his/her day to day life. Ultimately my goal with children is to make it possible for them to utilze the family, school and community resources available to them to promote their healthy adjustment and continued development.

Loss and Trauma: I have worked extensively with individuals who have been affected by loss and/or trauma. Such life events as divorce, death of a loved one; family disruption frequently provide an opportunity for change and growth. Issues related to adoption either from the adoptees' or the family's perspectives are areas in which I have significant experience.

Young Children: I have worked with children as young as 3 years old utilizing play therapy and parent- child psychotherapy. While young children may not be able to verbalize their conflicts, their play reveals their feelings and provides an opportunity for intervention.

Adolescence: Adolescence is a time of major transition and often a time when youth's separation from family evokes conflict and tensions within the individual and the family. I have worked extensively with families and their teens; helping teens manage their powerful feelings; facilitating healthy communication between the adults and teens; and diffusing family tensions.

Adults in Transition: Change and growth continue throughout the lifespan. Occasionally, adults confront a circumstance or relationship that presents a challenge. Managing the transition to parenthood; a new job; an illness; can challenge an individual's usual coping style. Talk therapy can facilitate healthy adjustment by identifying alternative ways of problem solving; considering obstacles; and providing a 'safe space' to explore one's feelings.


My clients have provided most of my training. Given that each situation is unique, I have learned and continue to learn from my clients every day, every hour. I am a graduate of the University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration where I concentrated in work with individuals and children. I have pursued training in a variety of techniques including psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral treatment and family therapy. I have integrated these models of treatment and their associated techniques so that I am able to provide an individualized treatment plan that best 'fits' the individual and his/her needs.

— Connie Catrone, LCSW